Waiver of Liability & Release for HSEF

2024 Hoosier Science and Engineering Fair

a program of

The Science Education Foundation of Indiana, Inc.

As the parent or legally authorized guardian of a minor in the 2024 Hoosier Science and Engineering Fair (HSEF) hosted by the Science Education Foundation of Indiana, Inc (SEFI). I understand and agree to the following terms set forth:

Consent and Waiver

In consideration of my child, the participant, being permitted to participate in the above program, I, and on behalf of my child, agree and understand that:

- My child will abide by all the rules, guidelines, regulations, code of conduct of the HSEF and any and all program requirements: Anyone failing to abide by this criterion may be dismissed from the program.

- My child will be in a live or virtual setting with the judge(s);

- My child's participation in this program is voluntary.

-- I recognize that my child's participation in the program carries with it possible risks, including types of activity/behaviors not authorized or supported by SEFI and its directors, event leaders, or the overall HSEF program that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care or precautions taken during the event (for example unauthorized entry into a Zoom or similar meeting.

-- Parents shall have the right to quietly observe the virtual interview process and the right to intervene should any such acts, behaviors, comments or directives during the interview become offensive or inappropriate.

-- Should parents feel the need to intervene they are expected to terminate the interview and to immediately contact the SEFI Executive Director (gcook@sefi.org) to address/correct the offense.

-- I have investigated the risks involved in this program and I freely assume the risks and consent to my Child's participation.

-- I further declare that my Child is capable of participating in the program.

Photo Release

I give SEFI, its agents, employees, servants, assigns, and successors, without expectation of value, permission to:

-Record my child's likeness and appearance on videotape, audiotape, film, photograph, or any other medium.

Use my child's name, likeness, voice, and biographical material in connection with these recordings.

Exhibit, copy or distribute such recording in whole or in part without restrictions or limitation for any educational or promotional purpose or advertisement campaigns which SEFI, and those acting pursuant to its authority, deem appropriate.

Waiver and Release of Liability

Further, in consideration for my child being permitted to participate in the program, I, on behalf of my child, and as the natural parent and/or as the legally authorized guardian or support person, do hereby for my child, myself, my family, heirs, personal representatives, and assigns, agree to, and hereby do, release, waive, discharge, hold harmless and indemnify, and forever defend the Science Education Foundation of Indiana, Inc., the members of its Board of Directors, individually and collectively, its officers, employees, servants, agents, representatives, directors, students, volunteers, and anyone acting on behalf of SEFI, from any and all liability, losses, claims, actions, suits, procedures, demands, rights, and causes of action of whatever nature, in law and equity, for any and all known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, bodily or personal injuries, death and permanent injury, illnesses, damage to property, or other losses, and any consequences thereof, including expenses, costs, and attorney's fees, as may be sustained by my child or me, or any person or entity acting on my or my child's behalf, arising out of, or in any way associated with my child's participation in the program.

I warrant that I am the parent, authorized legal guardian or authorized caregiver of the participant in the program, and that I am 18 years of age or older. I have carefully reviewed, and I agree to the terms of this entire document.