Hoosier Science and Engineering Fair Special Awards

The Science Education Foundation of Indiana would like to provide additional special awards for student participants in the annual Hoosier Science and Engineering Fair

An award(s) does not have to be monetary but can be an award certificate and/or medal or pin, ribbon or some other special item. Any person, company or organization interested in creating an award can select or identify the criteria for judging such as “Best Artistic Display,” “Best Use of ....,” “Concentration on Global Climate Change,” etc. We strongly recommend that organizations send staff or other qualified individuals to judge and select a winner(s) for their award and then present the award during the awards ceremony.

If you are interested in sponsoring an award for Junior (grades 4-8) or Senior (grades 9-12) award, please provide the following information.

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Email Address
Work Phone
Organization Description (read during awards ceremony)

We strongly recommend that you or another representative from your organization present your award(s) at the Awards Ceremony. If that is not possible, let us know so we can have SEFI staff present your award(s). Will you present your award(s)? Your judges need to register at JUDGE REGISTRATION

Please provide a title, description for the proposed Award, and/or upload a Judging Rubric to evaluate the projects, if you have a developed one (not required).
Proposed Award Title
Proposed Award Descritiption (Below is a sample)
Sample Award Description
This award is to recognize science ingenuity and creativity in the elementary fourth through sixth grades. The successful science project will:
• show great innovation in the topic chosen to be presented
• be represented clearly through verbal communication and visuals
• clearly follow scientific & engineering principles and the scientific & engineering process​
In addition to the above core qualifications, judges will be looking for the following qualities to show exemplary scientific thinking and judgment. Those criteria are:
• relevance to current global science concerns such as global warming
• deterioration of coral reefs or the atom smasher
• demonstrate above average understanding of science principles
• indicate advanced problem-solving skills and critical thinking
Proposed Award Judging Rubric
Please send via email to gcook@sefi.org
Number of Junior Division Awards (Grades 4-8)
Number of Senior Division Awards (Grades 9-12)
Proposed Award
Certificate Template
Please send via email to gcook@sefi.org
Would you or other organizational staff be interested in judging for your award at the State Science and Engineering Fair? (If No, SEFI Staff will identify a judge(s) to evaluate the projects based on the criteria you provide.)

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